Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Reverse Confetti Happy Fall-idays: Halloween

Hello, friends, and welcome to Reverse Confetti's Happy Fall-idays!  Today the Confetti Crew will be sharing lots of ideas for your Halloween crafting!

I decided to make something that's been around for ages, but I haven't made them in a very long time, Sour Cream Tube Treat Holders!  I believe the original idea for these tubes came from packages of sour cream that some restaurants served with their baked potatoes.  I haven't ordered a baked potato from a fast food restaurant in many years so I don't know if these still exist.  But I do know that these treat holders are easy and fun to make, and a perfect way to use your favorite patterned papers!  I used the FRIGHT NIGHT 6X6 Paper Pad to make all of my tubes.

These tubes can be made in many different sizes.  For my tutorial pics I started with a piece of patterned paper cut to 3"X5".

If you're using a paper with a design on one side as I did here you'll want to apply a strong adhesive such as ScorTape to the back side of the paper, placing your tape on the 2 long sides and 1 short side.

Remove the paper backing from the tape and attach at the short end, forming a tube.

Next you'll want to pinch shut one end of your tube.  At this point it's important to remember to fill your tube with treats!  You can fill with any kind of candy you desire, or even some money or a small toy.

Now you can pinch the other end of the tube closed in the opposite direction of the first closure.

After I made my first tube I decided to try another size.  The ghost tube above starts with a piece of paper that measures 3"X4".  As I said, you can make these just about any size you'd like, although I wouldn't recommend going smaller than the 3"X4" size.  If you find that your adhesive isn't keeping the ends closed very well you can add a mini staple on the end.  If you own a paper crimper these look ADORABLE with the ends crimped.  Unfortunately I got rid of my paper crimper and couldn't do that with these.

Now for the FUN part, decorating your tubes!  You certainly don't have to decorate them, they're cute just left plain, but I couldn't resist adding some of the adorable Reverse Confetti Halloween products to these!

One of the simplest ways you can decorate the tubes is to punch 2 small holes close together on one end and tie some twine, string, or ribbon and make a bow.

You can also die cut some of the cute shapes from HALLOWEEN BITS Confetti Cuts and glue them onto your tubes.  Here I did that with the bat and the ghost, stamping the word BOO! from TREAT YO' SELF on the ghost.  I also stamped the stars from BEST WITCHES on the green polka dot patterned paper before assembling the tube.

You can kick things up a notch by making some cute tags for your treat holders.  The small tag from TAG ME Confetti Cuts is the perfect size for these tubes!  I used pieces of leftover patterned paper I had from cutting the tubes to make the ghost and bat tags above.  I added the sentiment from BEST WITCHES, and attached the tags to the tubes with some black twine.

One last example, the pumpkin face from HALLOWEEN BITS Confetti Cuts fits perfectly in the small tag from TAG ME Confetti Cuts!

I have a small jelly cabinet that sits by my front door and it's the perfect spot to place a basket of these treats for visitors who stop by over the next few weeks to grab one when they go.  I hope you'll give these a try, they're perfect for any occasion or holiday, and they're easy enough to make that even your children could help you.

Now it's time to hop along and see what the rest of the Confetti Crew have created to inspire your Halloween crafting!


  1. Oh, these are so fabulous and fun!

  2. these are wonderful! such a fun way to give a treat. love all the embellishments you added.

  3. Adorable treats! Love how you embellished them!

  4. Looks like your set for a house full of tricksters! These are amazing - I bet you had lots of fun making them too!

  5. Diane, these turned out ADORABLE. What great treat holders!

  6. What a cute and clever treat holder, love how each of these have their own character.

  7. These are so super fun, Diane!!! Love the papers and embellishments you used to decorate each one!! I have been wanting to try making these for ages but forgot all about it! Thanks for the tutorial and the creative inspiration!

  8. Blown away again with your creativity and over-the-top-cute factor of these treat holders! Too much fun! Thank you for the tutorial; I'll need to make these with my niece and nephew over the Christmas break! We can do 'New Year' something-or-others!